Further fleshing out the truth regarding Obama and SS and…

by Daniel J. Becker

Back in June of ’08 I asked regarding Jason Furman’s appointment by Obama:

Is this the concession the Clinton/Blue Dog group was looking for? The DLC still keeps control of the money issues?

I asked because of his connection to the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institute: Hamilton Project, a small think tank created by Robert E. Rubin, Bill Clinton’s Treasury secretary and key economic adviser, and former Treasury deputy secretary Roger C. Altman…

Bruce posted a response by Furman regarding Obama’s SS plans:

As president, he would work with Congress on a bipartisan basis to design the details of such a change, including the tax rate, how it is phased in over time, the linkage between these tax payments and benefits and other critical design elements of this plan.

We have known what Obama’s position is since his campaigning.  Unfortunately, many have ignored it even blaming the victim (the voter) for his lack of left leaning action.   But, just to bolster the smacking up side the head Bruce is offering via NewDealDemocrat, I went digging further on Mr. Furman and found this from 2005 via Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

By contrast, under traditional reform plans like that proposed by economists Peter Diamond and Peter Orszag, the debt would be reduced immediately, and by 2050, the amount of debt reduction would be substantial.

Mr. NewDeal stated:

In short, only a month into his Administration, Candidate Obama’s insistence on tax hikes as the method of long term Social Security budget balancing was replaced by President Obama’s embrace of the Diamond-Orszag plan

I was certain with Hillary we were getting the DLC and all the Chicago School Econ we could handle. I was resisting the temptation of conspiracy thought when I asked if Furman was a concession to the Clinton power block, but I feel confident now that this is exactly what happened.  Hillary conceded on June 7th, Furman was appointed on June 9th.

Remember the 60’s and the warnings about how the “Man” was messing with our heads? The message wasn’t to be paranoid, the message was to be aware.