Life insurance problem

by cactus

Last week I found out I was turned down for a life insurance policy. Some background – I’m 40, I don’t drink, smoke or take any drugs or pharmaceuticals, am neither overweight nor underweight according to any table you might look at, and I exercise vigorously an hour a day, rain or shine. I don’t have any life-threatening hobbies. Three of my grandparents lived into their nineties, as did most of my great grandparents. I have no debt other than a mortgage, but that plus property taxes comes to about 11% of my monthly income, so I don’t have any major money worries either. I’m a good candidate for living a very long time. But it seems my cholesterol level was too high.

Now here’s the interesting thing… the insurance company sent someone over to do a physical at my house. When they called to make an appointment, I asked whether it was necessary to prepare in any way. Perhaps I should fast or something? After all, I had to do that before some physicals in the past. Not necessary to prepare in any way, I was told.

Fast forward a few weeks to when I got turned down. I did some checking on-line. It turns out that exercising for an hour thirty minutes before a cholesterol test is a fine way to boost one’s cholesterol level. And a few before that is another. Had I known this I would have done neither of these two things. Now, perhaps I should have figured out ahead of time that there hadn’t been any new advances in cholesterol testing since my last physical, but every so often I’ll succumb to trusting an expert. Big mistake.

Now, the insurance company has said they cannot give me the plan we discussed, but they can provide me with some other plans, plans that pay much less and cost quite a bit more. Which sounds to me like a rip-off. So the Chicago School would indicate that I should call some other life insurance company and go through the process with them. But just got lucky that I found the best life insurance for me upon checking out this life insurance brokers in NZ!

This time fasting for twelve hours prior to the test and abstaining from exercising that day. But there’s a problem… one of the first things a life insurance company wants to know when you call them up is whether you’ve ever been turned down for life insurance.

Its a neat little racket…
by cactus