Health Care Reform–Even More of a Gift

UPDATE: Greg Sargent (via Glenn Greenwald’s Twitter feed) notes that I am hardly alone in my concluding pargraph.

The last even semi-useful part of health care “reform” (and that was of dubious value) is dead:

The idea of letting people ages 55 to 64 buy into Medicare, announced just last week, had threatened to explode the Democrats’ hopes of getting a bill through the Senate when Sen. Joseph Lieberman came out against it.

Yes, that’s the same Joe Lieberman who told a Hartford newspaper that it was good idea three months ago.

Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) said Democrats agreed that the dispute over Medicare shouldn’t hold up legislation that would extend coverage to tens of millions of Americans.

How can you tell when Son-of-a-Birch is lying? (His father is rolling over in his grave, probably at Warp Seven.)

There is now no reason not to vote Republican in all future elections—if you bother to vote at all, that is.