A scaled model of debt driven stimulus

by divorced one like Bush

Well, here is what I’m doing to support the US of A’s economy. It’s a lesson in the real model of economics. It is a scaled version of the concept of stimulus. I even did it by using financing just to make the model as close to real as possible. (OK, I had to finance it but…I used my credit union.) Yes, I’m driving up the debt, but I’m creating jobs and I’m build wealth.

I purchased locally to assure my bank supplied money (debt) is multiplied as much as possible. When this garage is done, I will have created over a dozen or more jobs directly and who knows how many as the debt money goes from the first exchange of hands (me to who ever) to the second exchange (whoever to whoever’s whoever). Notice, that this is all happening via a producer economy not a financial economy. Any rescuing of banks is taking place by moving money into the hands of people first.

I’m even adapting to these hard economic times. I’m looking else where to earn a living. Actually, I’m looking to reduce my expenses by improving the effectiveness of my time. The practice (yes, health care has taken a hit) and the flower shop are slow so I will be honing my mechanic skills and fixing my vehicles my self.

Alas, there is a down side. The wealthy rent collector will no longer be collecting the rent.