Proposed Financial Overhaul Bill


How does Congress keep track of such things, if at all, and again who reads these things except those willing to be wonks or lobbyists?

Sen. Chris Dodds Proposed Financial Overhaul Bill can be found at the link.

Huffington Post notes that de novo is back from Treasury:

Despite bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill that the size and interconnectedness of major financial institutions poses a grave risk to the system as a whole, Senate banking reform legislation includes a provision that will help them get even bigger. The provision — long desired by the big banks — would allow them to open new branches in states regardless of local laws. This is known as de novo branching. The provision was first put forward by the Treasury Department in the financial regulation reform bill that it sent to Congress. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) initially included the provision in his bill, but removed it after a Democratic committee member, Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, asked that it be taken out. […] But weeks later, when Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd unveiled his new financial reform package, the de novo language popped up again — a verbatim copy of the Treasury language. That had observers scratching their heads at the resilience of the language. The conformity to Treasury’s wording was no coincidence. “That was just something we pulled straight from the administration’s proposal,” Kirstin Brost, a spokesman for Dodd’s banking committee, told HuffPost. …