Support for Opt Out Public Option

Robert Waldmann

There is a surprising consensus for having a public option but allowing states to opt out.

Paul Krugman likes the idea

Josh Marshall likes the idea (and notes that Sen Schumer likes the idea)

DailyKos frontpager McJoan likes the idea

In that post Mcjoan also notes that Max Baucus and Howard Dean support the idea

Here McJoan notes that senators Stabenow, Menendes and Ben Nelson ! like the idea

Yes Ben Nelson and Paul Krugman agree.

The idea. You read it here first.

The point is that it sounds like a compromise which is federal and respects state’s right *and* it forces opponents of a public option to reveal that they oppose it not because it would be bad for policy holders but because it would be bad for insurance companies.

As Krugman writes

“the idea of putting red-state governors on the spot, having to decide whether to deny their voters cheaper policies, definitely has some appeal.”

update: digby likes it too.

Got greedy and checked Jane Hamsher who is against opt out. Ooops.