Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy


Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy, a blog maintained by Gavin Kennedy who resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a wonderful gem to visit to take a thorough look at the broad extent of Smith’s writings. He makes a wonderful defense of Adam Smith that rescues his reputation as a thinking man instead of the one dimensional character presented today. Is Adam Smith from Chicago or Kirkcaldy?

We lose something of our character if we do not get his name off bumpersticker style proclamations of his intellect demonstrated by the two soundbites attached to his name: one, reduced simply to a fetish about an ‘invisible hand’ in markets by some of his promoters in media (or even detractors), and two even as he is taught in textbooks to college freshmen by good teachers. Lively conversation will happen I hope.

With kind permission from Mr. Kennedy, I will cross post some of his posts this week.

Update: David Leonhardt writes a cogent piece in the New York Times on Adam Smith.