Public Option Harder Ball

Robert Waldmann

Via Jed Lewinson.

Instead of a nationwide government insurance program, [House Majority Whip Jim] Clyburn is urging other Democrats to accept a scaled-down public option that would be tested as a pilot program in several parts of the country.

That’s it ! I have a proposal. Tell reluctant senators and representatives that, if they think their constituents don’t want any public insurance except for medicare and medicaid, then they can refuse to have it. The rule is the public option is not available in a state if both senators say no to the public option and for other states it is not available in a congressional district of the representative says no.

As with governors refusing stimulus spending, I predict there will be few takers. Senators and representatives will not be enthusiastic to choose higher premia for their constituents.

So they will be in the position of saying it’s evil and horrible and my constituents have to have it.

Some ideologues will say no to the public option for their constituents, but then how can they claim the authority to decide what people in other states or districts can buy. Also in a year or so their constituents will be pissed as hell.