CGI 1: Barry O. coming soon to a room somewhat near me

The one thing that got both daughters excited last night was “You’re going to see the President!” Didn’t have the heart to tell them it would probably be from a separate room.

And, indeed, space upstairs maxed one. It’s 3:40; Barack H. Obama is scheduled to speak in about twenty minutes, though I might bet that it will start late, since everything else has. (You try scheduling a meeting with two Presidents, the current leaders of Chile and Australia, and the Presidents of Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola—and that’s just the scheduled Plenary speakers—and not have things run late.)

The food is very good, and the teas are good (and all too useful), though they have run out of lemon.

Hoping the second session (leaders of three more countries—Turkey, the Netherlands, and Argentina—; security has been amazingly efficient and polite) and the head of the IMF to present.

The Really Good Stuff starts tomorrow.