Amanda Explains It All to You

Or at least why the best case for BarryO and Co. is that I’m just not going to bother to vote for the next several years:

Apparently, the American swing voter tends to think, “If I’m going to get screwed over, I want it to be by someone who is aggressive as possible about it.”

That’s pretty much the summary of it.

Hint to Rahm Emmanuel: when you run a candidate with “I’m going to fix Health Insurance by adding a Public Option” at the center of his platform and then make it worse, do not be surprised when the voters decide that your candidate and His Party are not worth the trouble of voting.

UPDATE: Dr. Black disagrees. This is the sad part of being trained to believe Rational Expectations theory. As with other forms of Early Indoctrination, leaving the Alliance doesn’t mean you leave the no-longer-explored assumptions.