Trade policy debate to begin for mid-term elections?


Trade policy debate begins in Pennsylvania?

America’s economy is now struggling to recover from the Great Recession. But even when the economy was said to be humming, it did not work for most Americans. Wages were stagnant or declining and the costs of basics – health care, housing, college – were soaring. Growth was built on unsustainable debt, as the country borrowed $2 billion a day from abroad and Americans spent more than they earned. Wall Street captured fully 40 percent of the country’s profits.

President Obama has stated that we can’t go back to the old economy, and shouldn’t want to. We must make more, sell more and consume less. The question is: What is our economic strategy in a global economy?

“The fight for American manufacturing is the fight for America’s future,” Obama has declared. That fight will require a fundamentally different economic strategy, one that will ensure a sustained prosperity that is widely shared, one that will leave the American dream within reach of those who work hard.”

So how do we actually start?