I’m Not Here

Nor is Cate Blachett playing me. (Nor, unfortunately, am I using this as an opportunity to post a picture of Ms. Blanchett in an attempt to troll for links. You want that, go to John Carney.)

Taxes are always fun, and there’s a few other things going on. But, really, let me quote the Internet’s best current stylist (meaning prose, not hair), Susan of Texas, in a post called, appropriately, “Tired“:

The multitude of stupid out there in the health care discussion is beyond belief and utterly debilitating. This nation is simply too stupid to survive and I can’t deal with any more today….reason and evidence don’t matter any more–stupid will win the day.

I believe that the economy is far worse off than people want to admit and that we will be permanently poorer; at least, some of us will….I don’t expect an apocalypse or a return to 1800s bucolic splendor; I think we’ll just gradually get poorer and poorer, while telling ourselves that everyone else in the world has it much worse whether it is true or not.

Read the Whole Thing. Not just because she said it, but also because that’s what the Canadians and Brits with whom I was speaking over the past few months are all expecting as well.

If the drugs I can’t afford in the States kick in, maybe I’ll explain to Scott how this post demonstrates that Dick Cheney is a better politician than BarryO and Rahm Emanuel combined. But you already know that, and Scott in his heart probably does to.