Energy & Commerce version of HR3200: a treat for the Read the Billers

by Bruce Webb

How many people in the “Read the Bill” movement will in fact read the bill? Well here is their chance.
HR3200: Energy and Commerce passed version

I would be interested in knowing how this bill saves $100 billion over the version reported out by Education and Labor House Tri-Committee Health Care Bill. First thing of note is that the new Energy and Commerce version is the exact same page length as the older version suggesting that the changes were mostly in the formulas and not so much the structure.

CBO has not released a score, when it does I will update.

(Update: in comments Movie Guy suggest using some file path information that this is not in fact the final form of the bill. Well maybe, but it is the only one linked from the Energy and Commerce page that shows the activity undertaken on Friday the 31st. Which leaves the question of why all the amendments and the results of their votes are listed and not the bill as approved.
Anyone who can shed light on this please put something in comments.)