Nails: The 2012 Republican candidate for President?

From Lenny Dyksytra’s letter to friends about his bankruptcy filing yesterday:

William McKinley filed for protection while serving as Ohio’s governor in 1893. He was in debt to the tune of $130,000 (an insurmountable sum in those days!) before some friends eventually helped to bail him out. Three years later, he occupied a desk in the Oval Office. [emphasis mine]

That seems much clearer than declaring you’re “not a quitter” while wearing hip-waders while your lawyer claims your multimillion dollar book deal (and private fortune) aren’t enough to deal with the cost of ethics charges against you.

Also, Jim Cramer may want to avoid Lenny for a while:

Ulysses S. Grant went bankrupt after leaving office when a partner in an investment-banking venture swindled him. (I can certainly identify with this one.) [emphasis mine]

Good thing Dykstra doesn’t pretend to be an investment advisor.

Oh. Well, at least no one ever sang his praises in the mass media, right?


Dykstra in 2012, on a platform of Fiscal Responsibility. “Returning to the Glory of the McKinley Era.”

Seems as likely to work as anything else.