United Nations conversation on the global economic crisis


UNU Conversation Series

As the think-tank for the United Nations and its member states, the United Nations University brings some of the most important intellectual and policy voices from around the globe, including Olivier Blanchard, Janos Bogardi, Francois Bourguignon, Noam Chomsky, Richard Cooper, Evsey Gurvich, Thomas Hoenig, Robert Johnson, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Wim Naude, Léonce Ndikumana, Eisuke Sakakibara, Luc Soete, Joseph Stiglitz, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Aude Zieseniss de Thuin, to name a few, to help bring clarity to some of the key issues at the center of the economic crisis.

The portal of the UNU Conversation Series will be launched on June 23 2009 and
available at www.ony.unu.edu/unueconomiccrisis. As these conversations are meant to be a work in progress, your feedback, comments and suggestions on the conversations are welcome and can be addressed to economiccrisis@unu.edu.

Update: Link fixed