20 people killed in Peru in demonstrations


Americas Program, Center for International Policy provided a translation of news from Peru, in relation to the working of the recently signed free trade agreement (Jan. 16, 2009) and effective Feb.1, 2009.

Three MI-17 helicopters took off from the base of the National Police in El Milagro at six in the morning of Friday, June 5. They flew over Devil’s Curve, the part of the highway that joins the jungle with the northern coast, which had been occupied for the past 10 days by some 5,000 Awajún and Wampi indigenous peoples. The copters launched tear gas on the crowd (other versions say that they also shot machine guns), while simultaneously a group of agents attacked the road block by ground, firing AKM rifles. A hundred people were wounded by gunshot and between 20-25 were killed.

I haven’t found anything on twitter. Why the difference in our coverage?

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