How to Manage Variable Costs, Arkansas-Style

Via the Chronicle of Higher Education (link may not be public):

The Arkansas legislature is taking a different approach to reining in soaring tuition costs: Today it sent a bill to the governor’s desk that would cap the amount of money public colleges can spend on scholarships.

Increases in scholarship aid lead to higher tuition costs, State Rep. Bill Abernathy, who shepherded the Senate-passed bill through the House of Representatives, told Associated Press. “You almost have the reverse Robin Hood scenario,” said Mr. Abernathy, a Democrat. “You’re taking from the poor and giving it to the rich in some cases.”

Will Governor Beebe, whose post-secondary education is entirely in the Arkansas Public system, view this as a way to keep people from having his opportunities, or will he “make the tough decision” and decide not to invest in Human Capital?

That #32 ranking and improving educational environment will be interesting to revisit in five years. Just when the pump has been primed, the water supply is rerouted.