We will be trying the wikinvest related post widget shortly.

Update: I have several concerns. I have noticed it being used on many sites.

1. Inadvertent mislabeling, as in Robert’s apples and oranges description, mixed up commodities, computers and stocks, and other. This can be dealt with immediately via e-mail to wikinvest (thanks to the quickness of Vikram, who is excellent as modifications are made).

2. Wikinvest also links to their wiki like posts on topics of interest. The same format is used in that changes can be made to postings by anyone. The post on Social Security was appalling, not getting even basics correct (12.4% SS and the rest medicare). I would hesitate to link to information over which I have no control. Maybe this aspect can be modified.

3. The idea for links for related posts on other blogs sounded great, but I am not sure the randomness serves a purpose. While we have overlap with Naked Capitalism, there was also a lot of Financial Armageddon, and no Baker. Our own posts would get a boost, but I am not sure in what way.


Update 2: I like the Bailout linkfest at TPM