Year 2009 Angry Bear Attitude


As the Obama administration issues executive orders and eventually implements policies, we have an obligation to watch how policies mature and how they are actually implemented. As cactus has noted with an old Russian proverb, “Trust, but verify.” Probably a good way to start this year 2009 overall. And the executive branch is only a part of the tapestry of “how things are done.”

Granted, most of us are probably more comfortable with President Obama’s style and positions on issues overall, but as DolB has pointed out about Angry Bear:

I never read AB’s push back as specifically targeting Bush et al. I have always read it as a push back against poor or wrong or intentional propagandizing arguments. That some followers of the blog take it personally is their own issue. Such comes with the concept of blogging. Certainly ranting has been a part of the blog, but again, it comes with the territory and I view as privilege of position (being a legal blogger at AB), though a not to be abused privilege.

All of this mixes to keep AB a true citizens blog. That is a blog of bloggers fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of the US. You know, using your particular knowledge while taking advantage of our free speech tradition to keep our elected on their toes, and calling out ‘bull crappy’ when policy is ‘bull crappy’ as we educate our fellow citizens.

As far as I know none of us are believers in any party…we do have opinions but require links and data to support them. As we do with those who comment. And as things calm down a bit, guest posts will have varied political notions to ponder. We even admit mistakes in public, which appears to be a somewhat novel idea in this public world.