Remember the water table


CNN has a follow up to the story and post concerning the breaking of a retaining dam and the coal ash that was released. Coal ash is full of heavy metals, and not bio-degradable.

I believe I was the only one to be concerned about the water sources for the area as part of clean up and reparations in comments. This is an area of concern that takes a steady approach and re-visiting of consequences over time…usually time periods too long to hold readers’interest.

It is worth a re-visiting from time to time.

Update: Kentucky and Indiana obtain 90% of their electricity from coal. This article in Kentucky newspaper points to some concerns. Source Watch offers more information and an interactive map for all fifty states.

Update 2: This GAO report on toxins in the Great Lakes is instructive.

Update 3:

Independent toxin screens and survey in comments hat tip reader run.

The TVA in published statements has found no contamination above safety limits except for lead, with the water intake for Kingston being a high impact test site.