Pick Your Pork: an Open Invitation

These tables from CBO show the actual breakout by category of both spending and tax cuts in HR.1 the House version of the Stimulus Bill as introduced (some things were stripped out for passage). I’d like to invite everyone to compile their own list of what they consider to be pork or mistimed (i.e. too late) investment and put that list in comments. On the other hand I will compile a list of investments unlikely or impossible to see being delivered via tax cuts on capital. That list will appear under the fold probably Sat. AM. Each page is a separate image, click on it to enlarge. If that is still too small bigger images are available at my website CBO Tables
(UPDATE: Reader Kolohe suggested I simply point these images over there. Well I like to keep these because the show whole pages, whereas the big ones are half pages. So instead I just put the big images below the fold)
(UPDATE 2: Some of the categories are not very transparent. For example what is the relatively small amount in Title 4 Defense ($4.8 bn) for? People who want a higher level of detail can consult the text of the bill
HR.1 Full text)

People in comments on a previous post were complaining about tone and lack of substance. Well there is plenty of substance here. Dive in!