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National Security pork!

I came across this at a National Security blog:

In this case congress is directing that Air Force buy long lead parts to build 20 more F-22 than defense wants. Certainly the fighter mob in Air Force wants more toys, and the industry wants more revenue.

This sets the administration up to wasting the money when the unneeded 20 are not bought. The paradigm in national security is to spend good after bad despite the extension of the losses.
But DoD strategy says there are better things to do than keep a plant profitable for a fighter that is too expensive and has no threat to overcome.

A $200 million super fighter for the war on bin Ladin.

This national security preference to pork and corporate welfare over better uses of the wealth is rather common.

Here is a point of change needed in the new administration, maybe a line item veto. by ilsm

Rdan here:

I would add this NYT picture and article of one man’s journey through the revolving door of our protectors.