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* How the rich get richer: The secret of the “25% Cash Machine.”
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Found on Bloomberg’s website. Link not provided out of respect for the publication.

I do not not think it takes big brass cajones to keep the scam going…from my contact with scams, all that is really necessary is to keep the offer on the table, and see who clicks on. From Spielberg and Madoff to the lowest paid ‘union’ worker’s mortgage’, scams are plentiful and in an ‘ordinary’ persons ability to implement without significant remorse.

Usually we associate reason and thinking with effort and discipline. Passion is such an unruly emotion that we tend to excuse it from reason, but is necessary for our survival. Certainly passion is the only reason that Angry Bear exists.

Which brings me to an associated question…why are moral arguments posed in the framework of disdain by some people? Defined as “you are not, I am” in an arrested developmental view of the world. The ability for empathy comes late in life…does it also take effort and discipline to achieve? Not reined in, but refined and honed to sharpness.

End of ramble.