Oil supertanker stolen


The U.S. Navy says pirates seized a Saudi-owned supertanker loaded with crude hundreds of miles off the Horn of Africa. The vessel, which has a 25-member crew, is the largest ever hijacked by bandits.

What does one do with such a catch?

1. Hold the crew hostage, similar to a hijacked jet?
2. The oil itself could be sold at a discount? Or sold back to the Saudis? Insurance? How to pay comes to mind.
3. Given the size of the tanker, and easily tracked, hiding probably is out of the question, even if you are Goldfinger in 007. Where does one go?
4. If the pirates are not terrorists willing to destroy the tanker or something similar for a political end at the least, what’s up?

As you can tell, the only experience I have in the pirate area is watching Peter Pan. My prayers go to the crew.