"A Man With a Briefcase Can Steal More Money than any Man with a Gun"

Ken Houghton

I would prefer not to talk about AIG, especially since we already have two posts on it today: Robert brilliantly puts it into context, while DOLB goes for blood.

But the Gorgeous, Brilliant, and Talented BessNormally-not-this-astute-or-succinct Equity Private posted the perfect summary.

And Floyd Norris is on fire as to why this move, with the pathetic, lying excuse for corporate leadership the company now has, makes anyone taking out the perpetrators guilty of nothing more than Justifiable Homicide (not that I’m suggesting that; far from it*).

Clearly, the kleptocrats at the White House and Department of the Treasury are making certain that their lamest two months and ten days make the previous eight years appear to be the epitome of frugality.

*I’m thinking of something longer and slower, like public stockades.