Why is Obama Being Treated So Well by the Right?

by cactus

Why is Obama being treated so well by the right wing? No, seriously. I mean it.

Remember when Clinton was President and the right treated us to all sorts of stories about black helicopters, foreign military bases on US soil, and how Clinton was gonna turn us all over to the UN or the Chinese for indentured servitude or some such nonsense? But, not all the rumors started after Clinton became President. If memory serves, they began telling us about his drug-dealing and how he had left a string of bodies behind in Mena, Arkansas, long before he got into the White House. Compared to being cold-blooded drug-dealing murderer, being a closet Muslim who pals around with someone who was once a low-budget terrorist is small potatoes.

So what’s the deal? Its not like these folks have gotten more reasonable or more sane since 1992. My theory is this – quite frankly, Obama looks kinda like a weenie. Even the boys on talk radio can’t, with a straight face, tell a story about Obama killing people (especially when McCain looks like he would chew the head off a puppy if it piddled within thirty feet of his shoe) and even the most deranged right wing bloggers (with the possible exception of this one) wouldn’t be able to make themselves believe it if they heard it.

That’s my theory. What’s yours?
by cactus