Alaskan Daily News

Anchorage Daily News reports:

The abuse of power investigation against Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, took a potentially ominous turn for her party today when state lawmakers voted to subpoena her husband.

Republican efforts to delay the probe until after the Nov. 4 election were thwarted when GOP state Sen. Charlie Huggins, who represents Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, sided with Democrats. “Let’s just get the facts on the table,” said Huggins, who appeared in camouflage pants to vote during a break from moose hunting.

Thomas Van Flein, the Palins’ private attorney now representing her as governor, did not immediately return calls for comment.

The Senate Judiciary Committee acted at the request of investigator Stephen Branchflower, who is gathering evidence on whether Gov. Palin abused her power by firing Walt Monegan, the state’s director of public safety…

Are there any Alaskans out there who can help with the state level of politics?…this story feels incomplete from what I think I know of Alaskan politics.