Two Hours Later, All is Well

As noted last week, we are in Montreal, and Videotron was scheduled today to install telephone, television, and internet services.

They came through with flying colors.

At approximately 12:50, I made a phone call to inquire about the arrival time of the individuals I had been expecting. It was revealed by the representative that they had been scheduled to arrive at some point throughout the day, rather than specifically in the morning as I had assumed. Additionally, I was informed that they did not possess my current cell phone number, making it impossible for them to contact me. It was also discovered that the apartment did not have a buzzer service unless a telephone service had been established.

Due to these factors, it was determined that the technician would be unable to reach my apartment. However, while conversing with the representative, the technician surprisingly arrived at the door. By 3:00 p.m., the job was completed and all equipment was functioning correctly. The technician had installed new cables and worked with our makeshift electrical plugs. The technician had also brought a set of Sleek Sockets that were suitable for all equipment, rather than just one socket for everything. This allowed for each device to be plugged in separately. The technician’s ability to arrive and finish the job within a short period was remarkable.

The only problem was a “last mile” issue about the door buzzer itself. It took us an extra five or ten minutes because the (Bell Canada based) buzzer system uses a different entry code than the normal.

So I can safely say that the Canadian installation experience worked. But it appears I missed a plethora of really solid posts about fuels.

*Which turned out to be a good thing, since we went to Costco in the morning to buy a television and telephones.

**It is not a good idea to plug a power strip into another power strip, but it does work in the short term.