Cafe Hayek asks for the same commenting style as Rdan asks

Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek requests readers to stay cool and think. To quote:

Although I seldom agree with him (her?), I’m glad that Muirgeo has returned to commenting on posts here at the Cafe. Indeed, because I seldom agree with him I’m glad that he’s returned.

I ask everyone who comments here to treat Muirgeo (and all others) with respect. Please — no name calling and no gratuitous innuendo. Do read each of his comments in the best light possible. He is not an idiot and not someone deserving to be poked fun at.

If you agree with the ideas and ideals expressed here at the Cafe, then you are a liberal (in the true sense of the term). We liberals never suppose that we have secured full truth once and for all; nor are we ever above hearing even our most sacred values and propostions questioned.

If our ideas are sound, they will withstand scrutiny and criticism. Moreover, because our ideas are the products of our always-limited intellects, scrutiny and criticism will, when heard and heeded dispassionately, help to improve these ideas and our own understanding of them and the world which they are meant to illuminate.

Now those who are trolls that advocate this school of economics need to re-consider how they do so here as well.