The Efficiency of the Private Sector

by cactus

The Efficiency of the Private Sector

Recently, the wife and I moved to a new state. When you do that, you need to get a new driver’s license, plus re-register your vehicles. The whole process, including taking the written (well, computerized) exam, from the moment we walked in until the moment we walked out, newly minted driver’s licenses in hand, took 50 minutes. My only real complaint – the picture on my license is awful.

The same week we went down the Verizon store. Essentially, we wanted to see if there was a plan that made more sense for us than the Verizon plan we were already on given that we aren’t getting a land line. We were told when we walked in by the young lady taking names that someone would be with us in ten minutes, fifteen at a max. We finally walked out the door plenty pissed an hour and twenty minutes later. We didn’t look at any new phones, we didn’t ask for brain surgery, heck – we didn’t even ask to re-register our vehicles or get a driver’s license. We just wanted to inquire about the cost of plans.

And yet, I keep hearing about the efficiency of the private sector.

(Rdan here…the all or nothing guys can’t handle this nuanced approach)