Question for the week

by Cactus

I can’t stand baseball. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that if someone were to claim that, say, left-handed batters who refuse to swing at the first two balls that come at their direction when they’re at bat are more likely to hit home-runs than other baseball players, within a very short period of time legions of people would collect statistics and check whether this claim was true or not. Heck, even most news organizations would be capable of pulling off this feat. Within a short period of time, a few believers would remain who insisted on attributing batting prowess to, er, “well-rested” left-handers, but most, fans would refuse to take such nonsense seriously.

And yet, similar claims whose veracity or lack of it are vastly more important – just about anything this administration has ever stated about tax rates and economic growth, for instance – which are no more difficult to check against data seem to live on unimpeded. Why?
This one by cactus