Correction of a perception on oil drilling

by rdan

In an attempt to keep history accurate about sensible policies, this post points out the obvious source of the ban on drilling for oil off coast. So much for blame your favorite partisan in comments.

The NYT mentions that Mr. Bush has long advocated opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to drilling, and in 2006 signed into law a bill that expanded exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. But the topic of coastal drilling has been an extremely sensitive one in the Bush family; Mr. Bush’s father, the first President Bush, signed an executive order in 1990 banning coastal oil exploration, and Mr. Bush’s brother Jeb was an outspoken opponent of offshore drilling when he was governor of Florida.

Now, though, President Bush is considering repealing his father’s order.

Update: h/t to vtcodger for this link to Offshore drilling legislation

Update 2: Statistical review of energy by BP