Your wish is my command….

I have added the ‘read more’ option to open in a separate page format rather than same page because I also added in line commenting for the second page, which in my mind made it easier. The pop-up window is maintained for convenience with out going to the full page for your convenience as a frequent guest or poster.

The Bear Talk box is at the lower left corner and appears to function correctly, and is for off topic and 24/7 communication for AB readers and posters. It is customizable for banning, swearing filter, and civility. I personally will not monitor the box, but have hired a 7th grader to do so. Actually, just e-mail me if someone is beserko, and I can put in controls.

Let me know as well if loading time is a lot slower because of these additions in your preferred browser. Blogger itself seems very sluggish, so I cannot be sure. I can re-arrange script and front load posts sooner rather than later. That is my next project.

BTW, the title is not really true, but I am a do-gooder leftie, so am a little soft.