Iraq and Iran

… President Bush reiterated yesterday that if Iran continues to help militias in Iraq, “then we’ll deal with them,” saying in an interview with ABC News that “we’re learning more about their habits and learning more about their routes” for infiltrating or sending equipment.

But he also reaffirmed that he has no desire to go to war with Tehran. Saying that his job is to “solve these issues diplomatically,” Bush suggested heightened interest in reaching a solution with other countries. “You can’t solve these problems unilaterally. You’re going to need a multilateral forum.” .

We use to have a great defense against the influence of Tehran in Iraq — it was Saddam. In the 1980s the Vice President actually helped to implement this policy that in retrospect seemed to have worked pretty well.

Isn’t this a great example of unintended consequences?

Or is it just another example of how Team Bush has done such a great job of increasing the influence of America’s enemies while reducing the influence of the US?