Karl Rove swears….

Think Progress carries this report on Rove in Iowa. The links, which provide much better context, did not port to here, so go have a look should you desire.

Karl Rove, former senior aide to President Bush, spoke to a hostile crowd at the University of Iowa yesterday evening. Students and local citizens protested his appearance at the university and “staged a mock trial” for Rove inside the student union before the speech.

During the lecture, Rove lashed out at hostile questioners, telling one man his comment showed “a simple, stupid mind” and chastised what he said were “stupid statements” from the audience. Rove also said that former Amb. Joseph Wilson “lied” about his 2002 trip to Niger and accused an audience member of “perpetuating libel” on the U.S. military for asking about the real number of deaths in the Iraq war:

I know that Karl has not had time to come by this week to Angry Bear to read our comment policy, so he is to be forgiven this time round. (Besides, he received $40,000 to say those things, so maybe he has no incentive. Sigh).

Update: Noni sends this link to watch the event: