Obama and CNN : Alert to?

Politico carries this observation about CNN:

CNN’s question: Obama’s patriotism

I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a reader poll like this on a mainstream media website (or, to be honest, a right-wing blog). This is currently on CNN.com.

And just today (in a very interesting exchange with the Cleveland Jewish community) Obama was touting CNN’s piece debunking the notion that he’d gone to a madrasa: “We had to send CNN to look at the school that I attended in Indonesia where kids were wearing short pants and listening to ipods to indicate that this was not a madrassa but was a secular school in Indonesia.”

This question seems tied to this story, in which he took a question about his patriotism. But it’s odd to see the mainstream media drive a largely whispered question that none of his main, named critics — Hillary, McCain or the RNC — will touch.

What could possibly be on their minds? For any candidate?