Angry Bear Nominations List

National Council of Teachers of English
gives awards for double-speak, an Orwell, just like an Oscar only better.

The NCTE Public Language Award Committee is now seeking nominations for this year’s Doublespeak Award, which is given to a glaring example of deceptive language by a public spokesperson. The words must originate from an American.

While I was not going to use this just yet because I was looking for better sourcing than provided at the NCTE site, I changed my mind because of some of the recent posts.

I propose a collection of economic double-speak, providing some sort of award from Angry Bear, as cool as the one on Dancing for the Stars. No invectives allowed since we are family oriented. This is an undeveloped idea, so is rather primitive, but maybe as an initial trial ballon it is okay. All econ schools allowed.

Some of the award restrictions would include rules about:

1. Transcripts that have been edited, instead of accurate.
2. Links with the quote to help establish context.
3. Extra point for some reasonable background material as links.
4. Name calling must be done on the margins, not the text.

I realize no one listens to English teachers in or out of school, but an Angry Bear nominations list is fun to think about.