Worries by income level

A Gallup Poll reveals a measure of concerns by income level:

What is the most important financial problem facing your family today (open ended)? I was unable to make the chart work. sorry.

by income

Under $30,000 % $30,000 -74,000 % $75,000 +%

Healthcare costs 22 Healthcare 20 Healthcare 12

Lack of money, 17 Energy prices 10 College costs 12
cash flow

Cost of home 8 Cost of home 9 Retirement 11
rent, own

Not enough money 8 Lack of money cash flow 9 Cost of home 9
to pay debts

Low wages 8

The figures have remained relatively stable over the course of the year.

This poll was done July 12-15. I wonder what this months and next may show.

Overall concern was taxes at 4%, interest rates at 1%.

1) College costs were not among the top for the middle group up to $74,000, or lower group.

2) Retirement was not in the running under $74,000.

3) Cost of the home was a concern in the over $75,000.
4) Cash flow was in the middle group but is not broken out. It would have been interesting to see it in thirds of this group.

Does anyone see other interesting concerns by income?