Where is Balochistan?

Pakistani ISI and Iranian intelligence working together? And when you thought you knew the players.

Pakistani Intelligence ISI in collaboration with Iranian intelligence crafted a unique strategy to fight Baloch nationalists who are waging a deadly guerilla warfare against Pakistani Army in the Balochistan province – Islamize youth and kill Nationalists – according to sources in Balochistan . Baloch Nationalists have alerted Western Governments and think tanks abroad about this new development; witnessed by locals, widely circulated in baloch forums, that a promotional gathering of Tabligi was orchestrated under the watchful eyes of ISI on July 31 in Gawadar, the costal city Balochistan. One Mr.Archen Baloch said “Fanatic mullahism is been promoted proactively in collaboration with insignificant, discarded local mullahs against the Baloch nationalism which seeks the restoration of its national sovereignty over Balochistan. “. This phenomenon suggests that Pakistani intelligence is adding a new dimension to its Counter insurgence strategy to contain Baloch nationalists- who are regarded as secular, unlike other groups. IntelliBriefs sources in Pakistan say such events are “taking place in all over Balochistan, and this phenomenon suggest a new conspiracy against Baloch nationalist” and is also considered as “second force of Pakistani government after its armed force”.

While one need not be surprised about strong alliance between ISI and Islamic groups ,it is believed that ISI has activated its network of Mullahs to counter Baloch Nationalists after the failure of Pakistani army to crush the Baloch Resistance . Now Pakistan ” wants dilute the intensity of Baloch nationalism by mobilizing the religious elements in our society” said Archen Baloch . All these activities are funded by ISI and spearheaded by Mr.Mulana Sherani ,member of Pakistan national assembly and he heads JUI in Balochistan .

On Iranian side of Balochistan ,Abdolmalik Rigi’s open revolt against Iran has forced Iranians to use Mullahs as weapons against Baloch Nationalists . Iranian officials are spending sleepless nights over the unrest in its Sistan Balochistan Province which shares border with Pakistani side of Balochistan . Sources say Baloch are facing harassment by Iranian officials at the border who visit their relatives on the other side of the border in the Iran . They say “we have to go through harsh security by Pasdarane Inqalab, the Revolutionary Guard.” . IntelliBriefs learned that those who want to participate in religious gathering in Pakistani held Balochistan face no restrictions, they can pass the boarder without any document or “Rahdari” permit.

Map of tribal areas: The map did not translate, but is worth a look to see how porous all the borders are between political and tribal boundaries.