Opting in, opting out – What is a person to do?

Some readers want to opt out of certain programs. Some readers want to opt in certain programs. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially on a blog with limited bandwidth.

Note: Totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.
$ 10,000

Tax pie chart

Of the $10000.00 you paid in taxes:
$2720.00 goes to the military
$1870.00 goes to pay the interest on the debt
$2090.00 goes to health care
$600.00 goes to income security
$450.00 goes to education
$340.00 goes to benefits for veterans
$260.00 goes to nutrition spending
$190.00 goes to housing
$150.00 goes to environmental protection
$30.00 goes to job training
$1240.00 goes to all other expenses
Source: Breakdown of income taxes is based on Budget of the United States Government
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Income security costs are about 6% of outlays, and the other three highest are about 61% of outlays. Since as far as I know all are still mandatory, which to opt ? I vote this way. 🙂
1)Maybe the Fed to limit bailouts for the top oner’s
2) Or the NIH to get rid of unnecessary funding for subtle toxins?
3) My Social Security?

4)Or abandon infrastructure before it goes kaput?
5)Or the secret funds for foreign intrigue?

We could vote in a buffet style tax opt in system, or an opt out system which would probably have a different result.
If we opt out of social security, who is gonna pay for the goodies? We already know who pays this year: