Working at Home – East of I-5

Do today’s marches in Los Angeles slightly inconvenience me? Perhaps – but I support today’s boycott even if I have to work at home for one day. If you are wondering where I live Mark Kleiman gives you a clue:

Note to my Westside friends: Yes, Highland Park is on the wrong side of Interstate 5. But no, you don’t need a visa.

I’m east of the I-5 and near Highland Park, which is an area that defines the great city of Los Angeles in many ways. When I first moved here from the west side, I was struck with the amount of what it appeared to be Mexican restaurants. But then someone told me that several of the residents trace their heritage back to El Salvador. In addition, we enjoy businesses run by Armenians and Filipinos.

One of the fake controversies generated by the harbingers of hate on the right is over the Spanish translation of the national anthem. A Digby reader gets this right:

Please tell us again why the Spanish translation of the National Anthem is making wingnut heads explode when they all but genuflect at the waving of the Confederate Rebel flag? Tell me please, which of these was meant to turn hearts to America, and which is meant to tear the country apart?

Speaking of wingnuts, Neil Boortz thinks Los Angeles is in Mexico. Fine Neil, you’ll need a visa to visit my American city as we in Los Angeles really don’t want Klan members in our homes.