Ouch – More Swiftboating of the Retired Generals

Credit to Belgravia Dispatch for catching more Swiftboat smears from Glenn Reynolds:

If things were so bad before, they should have resigned in protest instead of complaining publicly once they were safely in retirement and, in some cases, had books to promote.

Ah, Glenn – some of the generals did resign in protest. General Zinni was already retired and eloquently counseled our government not to invade Iraq before March 19, 2003. Speaking of General Zinni, the ouch applies to his update as if he never read this.

Of course, Glenn did read approvingly Judith Apter Klinghoffer:

The American army in Iraq does not have a single general with enough guts to respond to the president’s question with “depends on what you want us to do?” Sorry, guys, civil control of the military is not our problem. Gutless military leadership is.

Update: KLo lectures those retired generals:

these retired officers should have informed their superiors of their analyses while on active duty and, if they were not allowed to do so or they believed that our strategy and tactics would be as disastrous as they now claim, then they had the option of resigning in protest and making their objections known

At the risk of repeating myself – that’s what some of them did. DUH!