Attacking Fitzgerald

First, it was William Kristol. As Jane Hamsher notes:

Many people have assumed that BushCo. hasn’t gone into smear mode because of their previous praise of Fitzgerald, to which I say balderdash. They’d frame Mother Theresa for pedophelia if it suited their purposes. It’s what they know how to do.

Justin Hood catches GOP hack Joseph E. diGenova advocating a Presidential pardon for Scooter Libby. The LA Times story also included:

Some Republicans predicted that the issue would go nowhere. “This needs to play out over the next seven days,” said Joseph E. diGenova, a federal prosecutor under President Reagan. “This is just inside-the-Beltway stuff. If Republicans stick with [Bush], it will become a partisan issue and people will turn it off.” … Moreover, DiGenova said, the White House has dismissed questions stemming from the special prosecutor’s investigation with the explanation that it can’t comment on an ongoing legal case. “They’re not coming to their own defense,” he said.

The White House is not coming to their own defense? Then exactly who is putting Mr. DiGenova and Mr. Kristol up to these attacks on Mr. Fitzgerald?

Update: Media Matters contrasts William Kristol now to the 1998 defense of Ken Starr by guess who – William Kristol!