Fatah v. Hamas: An Analogy to U.S. Politics

CNN reports on the exit polls from the election Palestine:

According to one exit poll from Bir Zeit University, Fatah garnered 46.4 percent of the vote and Hamas won 39.8 percent. That translates into 63 seats for Fatah and 58 for Hamas, according to the exit poll.

I listened to an NPR discussion of the two parties and for some reason kept thinking about the GOP. As I rely three of the issues facing the voters in Palestine, see if you can figure out which party reminds you of our GOP.

Issue 1: Fatah has been in power for some time with Hamas hoping to one day gain a majority.

Issue 2: Hamas is running on a pledge to toss out the corrupt rulers, while Fatah is promising to reform its old ways.

Issue 3: Fatah is seen as the moderate party, while Hamas is seen as the extremists.

So in my mind Fatah is a lot like the GOP in two out of three ways. Can you guess which two?