No on Proposition 77

Kash supports Proposition 77 and expresses his reasoning why this move may be good for Democrats. Mark Kleiman disagrees.

Several leading Californian Democrats and Republicans were on show last night at the The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles to debate the various propositions. All agree on two points. Reform of the redistricting process would be a desirable thing to do and the proposal in Proposition 77 is less than perfect. The supporters of Proposition 77 noted that a better proposal had been put forth but did not pass the legislature. Based on their observations, my suggestion is to say no to Proposition 77 and hold out for something better.

Here is something else that I don’t get. Schwarzenegger says Sacramento needs reforming. While he may be right, it strikes me that his goal with Proposition 77 is to give Tom DeLay more allies. I would argue that Congress is the one area that needs massive reforming and giving DeLay more allies is the wrong way to go.

Meanwhile Mark states why he is saying no to everything:

But it’s the first six that represent what I hope is the last gasp of Schwarzenegger’s attempt to subvert the democratic process in California, and I urge everyone to vote against them all, even those (such as the extension of the probationary period for teachers) that have some substantive merit considered in the abstract. The Gropenfuerher six-pack is a raw political move, and it requires a raw political response.

Well put!