Scooter Libby to Replace Harriet Miers?

Max Sawicky supported the nomination of Harriet Miers for reasons he well expressed. I was not convinced. However, I highly endorse Max’s latest:

*No more “up or down vote” claptrap from the wingnuts. They advocated her pre-emptive withdrawal, so there is no onus against a committee preventing any appointment from coming to the Senate floor, and no gabble about any nominee having a right to a floor vote;
* No more denunciations of questioning nominees on the thoughts that would drive future decisions. The wingnuts favored protological levels of probing for Miers;
* No more denunciations of so-called liberal litmus tests, since the Bush loyalists were clearly testifying, admittedly to dubious effect, as to Miers’ true colors;
* No more attacks on considerations of diversity in appointments, since Miers was clearly a diversity pick, and touted as such by the Bushists.

While I have reservations about Alberto Gonzales being put on the Court, I tend to agree with Max on this one. Max goes onto to suggest Mr. Libby be nominated. You might ask how in the world could a sensible liberal endorse putting a traitor and felon on the Supreme Court, but wouldn’t this be the perfect metaphor for this Administration?