PlameGate: Kristol Cries Prosecutorial Abuse

ThinkProgress watches Faux News so we don’t have to:

Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, commenting on Fox News Sunday about the leak scandal:

KRISTOL: But talking to people pretty close to both Libby and Rove outside of government, who therefore can talk about it, I think they expect the worse now. I think they –
WALLACE: That both Libby and Rove will be indicted.
KRISTOL: I believe, if I had to predict – and I don’t know more this than anybody else reading the papers – that both Libby and Rove will be indicted, not for what the original referral was about but for some combination of disclosing classified information or perhaps failing to be fully candid with federal investigators or with the grand jury.

To review: Kristol talks to people close to Libby and Rove, then claims he knows nothing more than anybody else. He goes on to predict the two of them will be indicted “not for what the original referral was.” But Kristol then says Rove and Libby will be indicted for, among other crimes, “disclosing classified information” -which is exactly what the CIA referral was about.

But Kristol does not consider such trivial matters as the outing of CIA agents to be a crime. But how dare the special prosecutor not divert this thing into other matters such as sex. Sticking to the original allegations is such an abuse of the rights of Libby and Rove!