Economic Editorials: New York Times v. the National Review

I’m saddened to see that Bruce Bartlett has taken the low road:

Apparently, this involves publishing articles by its editorial writers that are not good enough to appear in the print edition of the paper. The first of these articles appeared on October 4 and dealt with taxation. It was written by Times editorial board member Teresa Tritch, who writes most of the paper’s economic editorials. Tritch lists her qualifications as having degrees in German and journalism, as well as years of writing about personal finance for Money magazine where she explained why people should shop around for the lowest price before buying soap and things of that sort. What really qualifies Tritch to lecture the rest of us about tax policy is her absolute conviction that our tax system is tilted too much in favor of the rich.

I guess the National Review had to get Bruce to write this attack line as had it come from Luskin or Kudlow, we’d all be asking what makes them qualified to write on economics. As far as the issue of whether the tax system being tilted to favor the rich or not, I would have hoped for a more balanced discussion from Bruce on this topic. But alas, I should remember that had he presented a more balanced discussion, Rich Lowry would not have published it. Then again, I prefer Paul Krugman’s op-ed over those from Ms. Tritch or the vast majority of the things published at the National Review.