FuzzCharts on the Black Unemployment Rate

I once tried to compliment NRO’s Jerry Bowyer by saying that he provided nice time series charts before launching into his usual nonsense. His latest alas provides no such time series chart:

Black unemployment is also lower than the average for the Clinton years. It is lower than the average of the past fifteen years. It’s also considerably lower than the thirty-year average, which is about as far back as this particular statistic goes.

As you look at the chart of the unemployment rate for blacks – as well as the overall unemployment rate – one can see why Jerry only provided averages and not the time series. It seems unemployment rates for both blacks and for whites fell during the Clinton years and rose after Bush took office. Yes, we have heard this average spin from the Blogs for Bush crowd as far as overall unemployment rates and now the NRO decides to spin the numbers in particular for African-Americans.