PlameGate & Rove: the Right Reacts – Part III

At first, it was denial and then so what. Phase III seems to be blame Joe Wilson by my reading of what John Podhoretz is writing over at NRO’s The Corner:

Two years ago Joseph C. Wilson IV had a bio available online in which he mentioned his wife Valerie Plame’s name. The bio has vanished. If anyone perchance saved it or a screenshot of it and can e-mail it to me, I’d be grateful. (PS: It’s now 4:15 pm EDT. If you don’t do it by 4:30, don’t bother.)

Followed by:

Thanks, everybody, for the multiple copies of his bio. Check out the NYPost tomorrow for my use of it…

Other than this request, the only other apparent comment comes from KLo:

APPARENTLY THINKING I’M TOO COOL FOR C-SPAN: I missed the beginning of the McClellan daily press briefing, but am told it’s hot, high-volume of heated Rove questions

Update: Byron York joins in the smear Joe Wilson campaign. The NRO will even protect a traitor to carry water for this White House!